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Requesting Free Legal Representation

You may get free representation through community organizations. These organizations set their own eligibility determinations and are best set up to help . You can learn more about available help by visiting

Utah State Bar Pro Bono Cases

The Utah State Bar Access to Justice office circulates matters to lawyers who express interest in offering free legal representation (pro bono) for people who earn less than 125% of the poverty line.

If you qualify, a short description of your legal issue will be sent to participating lawyers twice a month for up to six months. This process takes time and there is no guarantee that a lawyer will take your case. If they do, we will connect you.

To see if you qualify, use our INCOME CALCULATOR.

If you are in the correct financial range, you will receive a message saying you do not qualify for Modest Means because you do not earn enough. This means you are eligible for pro bono and we can circulate your case to our pro bono lawyers.

You must take a screen shot or print a copy of  the pop-up box that says you do not make enough for Modest Means and then email this to When you do, a link to sign up will be sent to you.

If you have difficulty doing any of these steps, please call the pro bono office for help. The phone number is 801-297-7049.