What Price Range Are You Looking For?

Find Legal Services at a Reduced Rate

If you earn too much to qualify for free legal services, but not enough to pay a lawyer's standard fees, there are reduced rate options. Consider getting a referral to a lawyer offering discounted rates or hiring a Licensed Paralegal Professional.

Modest Means Lawyer Referral Program

The Utah State Bar Modest Means program helps Utahns who qualify find a lawyer offering discounted rates. You will pay a $25 fee to cover administrative costs to use this program. If you qualify, you will be referred to two lawyers who agree to charge no more than $50-$75 (or a corresponding flat fee) depending on your income. This is not an automated system so it will take some time to process. Note: lawyers often require advanced payment (a retainer).

Licensed Lawyer Referrals

LicensedLawyer is a good way to find local, licensed lawyers. There is no charge for this service. You can  You can enter your city, then click the dropdown box that says “Payment Options” to search for lawyers who offer free consultations, work on a sliding scale based on income, flat fees, unbundled services, and more. Under "Practice Area" select all the areas that apply to your situation.

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Licensed Paralegal Professionals

A Licensed Paralegal Practitioner can help with -

  • certain family law matters (such as temporary separation, divorce, parentage, cohabitant abuse, civil stalking, custody and support, or name changes)
  • landlord/tenant situations involving forcible entry and detainer; and
  • debt collection matters in which the dollar amount at issue does not exceed the statutory limit for small claims cases.

Because they are not a lawyer, they cannot not represent you by making arguments to the judge in court. They can help you complete legal forms, review documents, participate in mediation negotiations, prepare settlement agreements, and explain court orders for less than you would pay a lawyer.

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