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Connecting with Utah Community Action
Get help paying for a rental deposit or rent when the unexpected happens.
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Free resources for divorce, custody, and child support issues in Utah
If you’re going through a divorce, a custody battle, or having issues with child support in Utah, there are a range of free legal resources available to you. Below are some of the best places to get started.
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Always, always, always pay your rent
If you’re a renter in Utah, you have a strict legal obligation to always pay your rent -- even if you think your landlord isn't holding up their end of the bargain.
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What to do if you're facing an eviction
Receiving an eviction notice is a nerve-racking event and provokes a stream of questions like: What does it mean? Can I avoid it? What happens to me if I can’t fix it? Who can I talk to about it? Take a look at these questions and hopefully relieve some of the worry that comes from not knowing what might happen.
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Can my landlord evict me?
A tenant (renter) can be evicted for a number of reasons. Find out the most common ways. Also find out what landlords CANNOT do.
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