Pro Bono Publico Awards are presented to lawyers and institutions in the legal profession that demonstrate outstanding commitment to volunteer legal services for the poor and disadvantaged. There are 4 annual awards presented: Law Firm of the Year, Law Student of the Year, Young Lawyer of the Year, and Lawyer of the Year.

Law Firm of the Year 2021

Parsons Behle and Latimer

Parsons Behle and Latimer showed tremendous commitment to serving the public, especially during the difficult transition from in-person to virtual hearings due to Covid-19. They consistently provided monthly volunteers on the debt collection calendar through the tireless efforts of Brian Rothschild. They worked with over 30 people who would not otherwise have access to a lawyer. Moreover, PBL attorneys volunteered in the Utah Bar’s Virtual Legal Clinic giving quality legal information and brief advice. They always go above and beyond to provide excellent legal services for lower income clients.

Law Student of the Year 2021

Matthew Nepute

Mr. Nepute has performed wonderful work for people in Utah. He is a third-year law student who actively defends in eviction work through People’s Legal Aid. He has taken numerous cases, often with little time to prepare, and yet still provides exceptional legal service under the direction of a supervising attorney. He has shown an incredible aptitude and passion for working with the low-income individuals served by PLA. He fully commits with intellectual engagement and critical thinking to deliver limited scope representation for his clients. As a result, receive better outcomes because of his dedication.

Law Firm of the Year 2022

Kirton McConkie

Kirton McConkie shows great dedication to serving the public. They actively encourage their lawyers to participate in all types of pro bono services and allow billable hour credit for the work. From full representation to brief advice, they actively make a difference throughout Utah. Just one of many examples, KMC gives strong support for representing pro se debt collection defendants. They have helped serve over 65 self-represented people who have significantly better outcomes because of their work. KMC lawyers consistently provide high quality legal services for people without regard for their income.

Law Student of the Year 2022

Jenny Hoppie

Ms. Hoppie has shown exemplary commitment to volunteer work for low-income Utahans. She is a third-year law student at Brigham Young University and has volunteered with Timpanogos Legal Center over the last two years. She has participated in TLC’s weekly in-person and online legal clinics where she has worked directly with clients under the supervision of an attorney. She provides compassionate and quality legal advice. She is always willing to take on assignments whether drafting documents, researching complex legal issues, or working with other lawyers, she continues to prioritize pro bono work while managing school, work and family responsibilities. Her compassion and commitment to pro bono is truly remarkable.

Young Lawyer of the Year 21-22

Amy McDonald

Ms. McDonald is a lawyer at Kirton McConkie. During law school and in her profession, she passionately works to serve others in our community. She has been the lead coordinator for KMC's participation with the Access to Justice office in the Pro Se Calendars program. During the challenge of Covid-19 she continually recruited between 4-7 lawyers each month to volunteer by giving limited scope representation to people who would not have otherwise had the advice of a lawyer. She also volunteered each month, taking cases on the debt collection and evictions calendars. She supervised law clerks allowing them to gain valuable experience with the law and litigating. She is responsive, dedicated, full or energy and expertly guides her clients to better outcomes.